No more performance anomalies in your software!

Detect anomalies before they get into production.
Start in seconds. All you need is usual Unit or Integration tests.

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How it works

You don't need special performance tests!
Perfvane analyzes durations of usual tests and catches performance anomalies. Read more.

  • You push code to GitHub
  • Your CI provider runs tests
  • Perfvane gathers the test report
  • Perfvane detects anomalies in tests durations.



Set up in seconds

Login with GitHub, tell Perfvane to analyze a project and set the CI Provider!

Retrospective analysis

Analyze early CI builds of your project to detect performance anomalies in the past.


Test statistics

Check each test statistics: median, standard deviation, histogram, etc.


CI providers

Currently only AppVeyor is supported.


Fits into your workflow

Perfvane starts analysis after each CI build.

Coming soon

Several environments

Compare performance by different environments: OS, frameworks.


Is Perfvane another profiler?

No. Perfvane just detects that there is a performance anomaly in your project. You should perform further analysis to find out cause of the anomaly.

I have load tests. Are they not enough?

Load tests are useful. But they are expensive, run rarely and cover only limited specific cases.

Is it possible to detect anomalies in this manner?

Yes. Check out our example.

My CI Provider is Travis/Azure Pipelines/TeamCity etc. Can I use Perfvane?

Not yet. We will add support for other CI providers soon. Stay tuned on our twitter account.

Are private GitHub repositories supported?

Not yet. You will be able to analyze private projects soon.

How does Perfvane run the tests?

Perfvane does not run the tests. Your CI Provider does it. Perfvane gathers test report, analyzes durations and detect performance anomalies.


More CI Providers

AppVeyor is the first supported CI Provider, soon we will add others: Azure Pipelines, Teamcity, Jenkins.

Several CI Providers per project

For projects that run tests on different CI providers simultaneously (e.g. Ubuntu tests on Travis, Windows tests on AppVeyor).

Private projects

Perfvane beta supports only open source GitHub projects. It will be available to add private repositories very soon.

Feature branches

Detect performance anomalies in feature branches before they will be merged into master!


Receive notifications about new anomalies to email, slack etc.