Is Perfvane another profiler?

No. Perfvane just detects that there is a performance anomaly in your project. You should perform further analysis to find out cause of the anomaly.

I have load tests. Are they not enough?

Load tests are useful. But they are expensive, run rarely and cover only limited specific cases.

How does Perfvane run the tests?

Perfvane does not run the tests. Your CI Provider does it. Perfvane gathers test report, analyzes durations and detect performance anomalies.

I don't use AppVeyor. My CI Provider is Azure Pipelines/Teamcity/Jenkins/Travis. Can I use Perfvane?

Not yet. We will add support for other CI providers soon. Stay tuned on our twitter account.

Are private GitHub repositories supported?

Not yet. You will be able to analyze private projects soon.