Getting started


Welcome to Perfvane, the service to detect performance anomalies in your software projects.

How it works.

You don't need special performance tests. Perfvane gathers test report from AppVeyor and detects performance anomalies in durations of unit and integration tests. Read more about using algorithm.


  • GitHub account.
  • Owner permissions for a GitHub repository.
  • AppVeyor account.

Quick start

  1. Go to and Sign in with GitHub.
  2. You’ll be redirected to GitHub. Accept the Authorization of Perfvane, you will be asked access to your account:
    • write:repo_hook Read and write access to repository hooks. Note that we don’t have any write access to your source code or your profile.
  3. Click on the plus sign on the top right and choose the repository you want to be analyzed for performance anomalies.
  4. Perfvane will try to detect CI provider automatically by GitHub webhooks and Readme file. If Perfvane cannot do it you will be redirected to page to set CI provider manually.

That's it.

Then Perfvane will load early builds of CI provider to do Retrospective analysis and detect performance anomalies in the past.